Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Tuesday Tease!

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease! It’s been a week of crazy edits, very little sleep, and some celebrating on my part due to the fact my author copies of Someone to Love came in. The books feel good. They are made of awesome. The rerelease is October 29th, so starting next week I’ll put up a rafflecopter with some signed books and a Kindle paper white!!

BEAUTIFUL OBLIVION is still (miraculously) on track for an October 22nd release date! That means I get to unleash Ace Waterman into the world. Seriously, the world needs more men like Ace.
WINTER KISSES (3:AM Kisses #2) Laney and Ryder’s novella releases on November 1st! It is super steamy, dreamy and far more naughty than it ever is nice. Then we’re off to SUGAR KISSES, where Cole gets his boys handed to him by Roxy. Yeah, that will be fun. Next year brings WHISKEY KISSES, Holt’s story.
Starting next week the Countenance owns me. I’ll be at the Ephemeral Academy hanging with Laken, Coop and Wes until we straighten out that little thing called their lives. It’s going to get ugly. The good news is it picks up on Paragon, so already I feel like I’m going home.
On to the teasers!

Winter Kisses (3:AM Kisses book 2)
(Novella releases November 1st)
*Ryder’s POV

Laney reaches down and pulls her dress off in one Herculean move. Her bra slides to the floor as she leans against the bedpost, bearing herself to me in all her God given glory. Her eyes widen as she licks the rim of her lips, flirting, tempting me to take a bite out of her in all the right places.

Beautiful Oblivion
*Ace’s POV
(Ace with Reese)

Her mouth curves with a slow smile. She seals her hips to mine once again and my gut flinches because it’s torture having her so close and not being able to touch her the way I want, the ways I’ve meditated over for so many years.
“I want you to be my first, Ace.” The smile melts off her face as her lips come in close again. “I want to know the things you know, do the things you do—with you.”
“Reese,” I let it out in a heated whisper. “You need to do those things with someone who means something to you—someone special. Don’t waste your time with a guy like me.” I came within an inch of calling myself a loser which I don’t believe for a second, but, in a way, I think my dad has been right all along, Reese doesn’t belong with someone like me.

Winter Kisses
*Laney's POV (Laney with Ryder)

“Was I smiling?” His eyes continue their viral assault on my hormones, and I’m about to have a double orgasm without the satisfaction of having it derived from his lips.
“Damn straight you’re smiling because you and I both know it’s your lucky day.” Did that just fly out of my mouth? God I love it when the whiskey talks, and takes off my clothes, and lands me in bed with the exact person I swore to never speak to again. Note to self, make shrine to whiskey before setting the whole damn bar on fire for housing the promiscuous poison.

ENTROPY (The Countenance Trilogy 3)

*Laken’s POV (Laken with Cooper)

“What would make you happy, Coop?” I brush my fingers against the side of his face. He catches me by the wrist and buries a kiss in my palm.
“You safe—right here with me.” His eyes pierce through to my soul, and I know there are no truer words than these.


*Skyla with her biological mother, Candace

“I’m going to do everything I can to keep Gage safe—alive.”
“You’ll never succeed.”
“Watch me.”

*Enjoy the week! 


jitterbuug48 said...

eehehe, cannot wait for these to come out...but I guess I will have to!
And what the hell is going on with Gage?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I cannout wait for CEA and Countenance

redheads rule said...

Have you read the Heroes of Olympus series

James R. Nobohn said...

Looking at all these excerpts from your upcoming releases I realized that there's a noticeable difference in the writing in CFA/CELESTRA & COUNTENANCE series compared to the BEAUTIFUL OBLIVION, SOP, 3AM KISSES, etc.

So I was wondering if it's hard to go back and forth from YA-novel-mode to romance-novel-mode? And is there anything in particular you have to do to get back into Skyla/Laken's heads after hanging out in the minds' of your romance heroines?

Addison Moore said...

jitterbuug48 - Something is up for sure. ;)

Maddy Gorman - I so wish I had it ready to give you! The Counts are getting close.

redheads rule - I've heard of it, yes!

Amber J. - I'm not sure why but it seems pretty easy to zip back to YA. I think the common cord is romance and each MC lends her own unique voice. I always hear Skyla very well. ;)

Unknown said...

I just finished with Mitch, max and lee, amazing story!
I'm a nurse on a lockdown unit and most of my patients who are with it have a hard time reading and I have been reading out loud to them which I love to do but not practical for my job... I was wondering if your books are coming out on audio or hard copy.
You are so popular at SF Towers. Thank you for all your hard work, you bring great joy to others!

Addison Moore said...

Rachel Davila - That is so cool!!!! I do have an audio but it's super racy, so probably not that one, lol! I tried to audition voice actors for the Countenance and then I realized that Coop and Wes would be female voices as well and I didn't care for it Maybe if I get used to the idea? I guess if no one cared I probably wouldn't either. But I should do Celestra since it's only Skyla's POV. I'll get on it! BTW, I'm super happy you liked The Solitude of Passion. I have another one in the same style that I would love to put out sometime next year. It too is another oldy but it sure has my heart.

Arianne The Bookworm said...

OMG... What a teaser! Can't wait for this one. Thanks Miss Moore!