Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Someone Like You is live! + Teaser

It's here! It's here! 

Someone Like You is live on Amazon~! *squeals* *runs in a circle* *throws confetti* It feels like I've waited forever to share this book! Link: Amazon

I'm so, so, SO happy to share Ally and Morgan's story with you. Someone Like You is the second book in the Someone to Love series and focuses on the story between Ally (Kendall's best friend) and Morgan (Kendall's brother).

A little about the book:
When Morgan Jordan barrels into town for his mother's wedding the last thing he expects is a one-night stand but when an angel falls from her stripper pole the sky, who is he to turn her away? One thing leads to some runaway kisses and the rest is best forgotten—until they meet again and the angel is formally introduced as his sister's best friend... things get messy. 

One important note: SOMEONE LIKE YOU will only be available through Amazon for e-book or paperback purchase. My publisher is Amazon (Skyscape) so that would be why. BUT Kindle apps are ~*free*~ for just about every device. SUGAR KISSES will be available on all platforms. It's just the SOMEONE TO LOVE series that will be on Amazon exclusively. Hugs to all because you've been such great supporters of my books. If you would like to read SOMEONE LIKE YOU and are unable to utilize the free kindle app please consider the paperback. 

*I'll be hosting paperback giveaways on facebook over the next few days so look for those on my author page!

Extended teaser:

Someone Like You (Someone to Love series Book 2)

(Ally's POV the day after the one-night stand)

The elevator doors open, and I hurry outside. The air is thick and muggy, already perfumed with the familiar scents of summer: suntan lotion mixing with the evergreens.
Kendall stands next to a large white pickup, waving like she hasn’t seen me in months, so I wave back and freeze with my hand in the air like I’m about to swat someone and honest to God I just might.
“Holy sh*t,” I hiss under my breath. It’s the dark knight from last night's romp and stomp. He’s sporting a goofy grin that melts off his face faster than a glacier in hell, and that’s exactly where I’m about to send him.
Crap. He’s going to ruin everything. Here Kendall was nice enough to show up with her better half and her brother . . .
Oh, no. Oh, God.
Everything in me freezes.
Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t.
“Ally!” Kendall bounds over and drags me to the ebony-haired Adonis. His lips twitch a devilish grin and his dimples press in deep.
Just f*ck.
“Ally, this is my brother, Morgan.” My stomach clenches when she says his name. “And Morgan, this is my good friend, Ally.”
Here it is. That awkward moment when you want to gouge out your best friend’s brother’s eyes, and perhaps a few other unnecessary appendages.

*I hope you enjoy the book! Have fun hanging out with Ally and Morgan!!!

Happy reading~!

(We'll return to our regularly scheduled teasers next week. ;) And I might just have some pretty cool Celestra Forever After news! Can't wait!

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