Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Someone Like You teaser and news!

SOMEONE LIKE YOU is getting ready to launch next Tuesday! January 28, 2014! (Giveaway at the bottom of the post!)

One important note: SOMEONE LIKE YOU will only be available through Amazon for e-book or paperback purchase. My publisher is Amazon (Skyscape) so that would be why. BUT Kindle apps are ~*free*~ for just about every device. SUGAR KISSES will be available on all platforms. It's just the SOMEONE TO LOVE series that will be on Amazon exclusively. Hugs to all because you've been such great supporters of my books. If you would like to read SOMEONE LIKE YOU and are unable to utilize the free kindle app please consider the paperback.


SOMEONE LIKE YOU (Someone to Love #2)

Morgan’s POV:

Ally tilts her head seductively and smiles with those strawberry-colored lips. Her eyes lower to slits as she reaches down and pulls off her T-shirt, revealing a barely there red string bikini. She peels off her shorts, and my dick pulsates just taking in the bandage of a bottom held together with a few measly strings. Suddenly I’m overcome with the urge to unwrap her like a present. I’m enjoying the hell out of the fact her bottoms are equally as pleasantly scant as the top.
“Hot damn girl,” I say, pulling her in by the waist.
“Your turn.” She plucks my shirt off and runs her hands over my chest in a series of achingly slow circles.
“You’re pretty good at that,” I say, picking up her hand and kissing each of her fingertips.
“Stripping?” Her eyes widen as if a slap is next on the agenda.
“No.” I push out a little laugh. “Taking my clothes off.” I gently pull her in by the face and give a playful bite to her bottom lip. “I’m going to have to keep you around, Ally.” Shit. Did I just go there again? Is there any way to get through this afternoon and not depress the hell out of us by bringing up the not-so-distant future? I mean it’s obvious Ally and I have a future, right? What the hell am I saying? Of course we do, a brilliantly long one—paved with happiness and hot sex right through to our golden years and beyond. 
“Are you going to keep me around?” Her features soften as if she had started it out as a smart-ass remark, then it became a general interest question that directly affects her well-being.
“Hell, yes.” My lungs pump out some serious steam as if I ran all the way here from Cruise’s cabin. “You’re all I’ve ever wanted.”
“And, you’re . . .”—a smile twitches on her lips—“it!” she screams, slapping me on the chest and taking off toward the waterline.
Hey”—I shout, taking off after her—“that hurt, Ally. You’re going to have to kiss it to make it feel better.”
Laughter bubbles from her as she streaks across the sand. Her ponytail whips around her shoulders like a white flame.
“You’ll have to catch me first!” She shouts as she races down the waterline.
“Sweetie, if I catch you, you’re going to have to kiss a few other body parts as well.”

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Someone Like You by Addison Moore

Someone Like You

by Addison Moore

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