Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Tuesday Tease and cover reveal!

Happy Tuesday!

First thank you SO much to all who purchased, read, enjoyed and reviewed Beautiful Illusions! Thank you for helping it have a successful launch. And for those of you who didn't know it was out, quick go grab a copy! Gavin Jackson is hot! (Now available: Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, iBooks, Google Play )

Someone For Me (Someone to Love 3) news! 

Someone For Me is the Kindle Love Stories deal of the week and it's on sale for just $1.99! Here's a link to the Kindle Love Stories blog, Facebook, Goodreads group.
And if that were not enough Someone For Me is also featured over at the USA TODAY blog! LINK!   

The Dragon and the Rose book news: Here it is!!! The Dragon and the Rose cover reveal~!!!! (click on the cover to add to Goodreads!)

Yes, it's only slightly different, lol! I love Celestra Forever After's cover and I didn't want to fight it. There are still some color adjustments I'm going to have done but more or less this is it!

Here they are side by side so you can compare and contrast.

 *Here's an extended sneak peek just to make up for last week. Enjoy!

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
* (Skyla with Laken)
“That’s right. Get angry and stay that way.” She pulls me further from the party. “Another thing that has to go away is the Steel Barricade. Or—”
“We’re f*cked.”
“You said it not me. Get angry about that too.” She turns to head back. “Oh, and Skyla? If you’re not angry now just wait until tonight. Coop let me know exactly what it is that Logan is going to show you.”

* (Gage in a fury with Ellis and Giselle)
"It’s true!” Giselle beats me over the back with a pillow but I’m slow to drop Ellis. “Skyla told me she’d support me one hundred percent if this is what I felt I needed to do.”
I turn to find Skyla’s mouth contorting.
“She said her body was crying out for attention!” Skyla drops her head in her hands. “I’m sorry. This was a huge miscommunication.”
“You bet it was.” I toss Ellis back so hard he flies into the window and the glass explodes in a spider web around him.

* (Logan with Michelle Miller)
The rain starts in, quick and angry, pelting Dudley’s oversized manor like a thousand pebbles being dumped from the sky.
“So I’ve been trying to explain to him that it’s all been a big misunderstanding,” Michelle drones on like she has been for the last sixty painful minutes. “Would you mind talking to him? I mean I know he’s not home. He’s out with that little bitch, but as soon as he gets back. I’d really appreciate it.” 

Have a great week! :)


Unknown said...

Love the cover! I can't wait to read it!! I'm re-reading the books right now so I am all fresh on all things Celestra!

Unknown said...

Ahhhh so excited and anxious

Addison Moore said...

caitlin huddleston - Thank you! I'm rereading right along with you! Hope you enjoy the Celestra ride!

Tiffany Whitecotton - So close!!!! :)