Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Tuesday Tease!

Short and sweet today!

Hope you all had a fab Thanksgiving! I'm still stuffed! And sadly my credit card is a bit anemic from all the aftermath that followed. I may have hit a few sales pretty hard. *waves at my husband* Sorry!

Have you entered the end of the year giveaway? If not here's a new mobile friendly link. It should solve some of the problems people were having with rafflecopter last week. Happy winning!

Mobile friendly link is right here ---> http://is.gd/kZH5MX

regular link is below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Book news! The Dragon and the Rose is releasing in just a couple weeks! I'm shooting for the end of the second third-ish week, so stay tuned for a hard date. I'll give it soon! 

On to the teaser!

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2)
(Skyla with her man, wrestling with their powers)

“Okay, get off, you win.” I turn my head toward the ocean and watch as the whitewash inches toward us.
“Make me.” He hooks his gaze into mine until I’m caught in the vortex of those night sirens of his. “Let’s do this, Skyla.” His jaw tightens. “You want this. I can feel it.”
“Stop!” My voice reverberates into the darkness. “I said get off.”
“It’s going to be a long night because I’m not going anywhere.” There isn’t the slightest hint of 
sweetness in his voice.

*Have a great week! If I get a firm release date I will shout it from the cyber mountain top! 


Unknown said...

Omg!! I just can't wait... I love Ur books addison.. in love wid the way u write and make it such a beautiful experience for Ur readers.. love u n Ur books 😘

Unknown said...

Awesome give away! Thanks addison. Can't wait for the dragon and the rose!