Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Tuesday Tease

It's Tuesday (and it totally doesn't feel like it, thank you Christmas) I called Monday, Sunday twice. But timewarp aside, we've arrived! 
    Thank you all sooo much for continuing to support The Dragon and the Rose! I've received dozens of emails and Facebook messages about the book, and I wanted to thank all of you for keeping your reviews spoiler free! I really can't thank you enough for that! I'll try to work extra hard to get The Serpentine Butterfly (Celestra Forever After 3) out early to you. So much more is still to happen on that crazy island. (The paperback should be available today or tomorrow. It's still aggregating into the system. I'll update when it goes live).

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Also newly in paperback. Click on the cover for links: (the rest are on their way!)

On with the teaser: 

Rock Candy Kisses (3:AM Kisses 5) *Annie's story! Yay!

*release date is officially slated for Valentine's Day—or sooner if I can swing it.

Blake's point of view, chasing down Annie outside of the Black Bear after his band played.

“Hey"—I pant—"did I do something wrong?” She doesn’t look up, just keeps texting a mile a minute. “I mean, I did sort of save your life today. I would think that would at least warrant a thank you.” A sheepish smile takes over my face. I don’t really want or need a thank you. And if that’s the best I’ve got I’m f*cked. Half the girls in there were throwing their underwear at me and this one won’t acknowledge my existence—ironic since she’s the only one I’d gladly take a pair of panties from.
She flashes her phone at me. Her face glows from the light, perfect and beautiful like an angel, and I don’t want to take my eyes off hers. Reluctantly I glance at the phone.
Thank you for helping me out this morning. I’m sorry if I seemed rude. I was a little thrown off. My name is Annie, and I’m deaf.

The smile glides off my face without meaning to. She swallows hard with a slight look of hurt as she tries to head back into the bar.

***I'm so super excited to bring Annie's story to you at last. I hope you'll fall in love with her and Blake as much as I have. 

Have a great rest of the week and have a safe and Happy New Year!!!  

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