Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Tuesday Tease!

Short and sweet!

Rock Candy Kisses releases on Valentine's Day! (Most likely a day before if all vendors comply) I'm very excited to get Annie's story to you! 

Book news! Velvet Kisses is now in edits! (Small victory!) And I'll have two cover reveals coming up, hopefully next week! One for Velvet Kisses and one for Beautiful Elixir! The Serpentine Butterfly shouldn't be too far behind. 

Rock Candy Kisses (3:AM Kisses 5)
Annie’s POV

“Annie”—he shakes his head just barely as he examines me—“you are so beautiful.”

My gaze drops down his bare chest. Blake has wide set shoulders like a linebacker. His abs alone are enough to hold my attention for hours. I trace my finger from his neck to his rock hard stomach, dripping down slow as six weeks.

See you next week!


Unknown said...

Ms Moore, I love all of your 3am Kisses series. I thought Annie's book was the last book ...who is Velvet Kisses for. The only people thats lift are the parents... Please give me an answer.

Addison Moore said...

whitney britton - Hi Whitney! Thank you for reading the series! Velvet Kisses is centered around Annie's roommate, Marley. It's a fun one!

Unknown said...

released?love with all characters from the celestial series. I feel like i am standing amongst them. I'm saddened by the lost of Gage and look forward to reading more. Could you please let me know when.you estimate The Serpentine Butterfly will be release

Addison Moore said...

Bacon tothemax - Thank you for reading Celestra! I'm so looking forward to getting The Serpentine Butterfly to you! I've just landed back on Paragon, so I'm working on the story as we speak but since Celestra tends to run long it might be several months. The good news is that Skyla is after me to get this done as well, and she's tenacious until I get things finished for her! ;) Hopefully I'll have a cover reveal soon, too. It will be very similar to the other two.

Unknown said...

As I had no option other than waiting for the serpentine butterfly I started on the 3am kisses series... And I couldn't keep my phone down till I finished with the whiskey kisses... And now waiting for Annie's story.. Um sure it will b a great one too.... I really would love to say how much I love Ur books. N d characters... It's Lyk reading fairytales.. in love <3 <3
p.s. Cant wait to be back on paragon!!!! <3