Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Velvet Kisses is LIVE!

It's here!!! It's release day for VELVET KISSES!!!

“VELVET KISSES is scorching HOT! Hilarious and steamy!” -goodreads reviewer 
*Can be read as a standalone* Romantic Comedy
Velvet Kisses (3:AM Kisses 6) 
Marley Jackson has an axe to grind with the entire male population. After having her heart brutally broken, she’s out to prove to herself, and the world, that a woman only needs one thing from a man—and it isn’t love. 
Wyatt James isn’t interested in anything that resembles a commitment. He’s self-made, secure, and happy to entertain a one-night stand any day of the week—enter Marley.
Marley quickly dispels the idea that she’s anybody’s one-night stand. What Marley has in store for Wyatt is far more complex and requires a binding contract to back it. 
Marley and Wyatt aren’t in it for love. Marley is looking to glean some expertise in the bedroom. Wyatt is looking to find some solace after a string of nameless faces that have rocked his bed. 
But when feelings change, and that four-letter word takes ahold of both their hearts, they’re left to face the fact they might be in deeper than either of them thought possible. 
Marley and Wyatt smolder beneath the sheets.
She’s eager to learn—yet, bossy as hell.
He’s eager to lay down one hard lesson after the other, yet determined to save her from herself. 
Sometimes heartbreak is the greatest teacher.
Sometimes it leads you into the arms of the one you belonged with right from the start.


*I'll be back next week with teasers for A THOUSAND STARRY NIGHTS (Burning Through Gravity 2), and THE SERPENTINE BUTTERFLY (Celestra Forever After 3)!


Unknown said...

Bought it yesterday and done with it today.. Marley's humor and imagination is hilarious... Couldn't Stop laughing at some parts... Another great read from Addison... :)

Unknown said...

Addison is ur next release going to be the serpentine butterfly??? I am so desperately waiting for it!!! Will u be posting it's teasers soon???

Addison Moore said...

Afrin Basar - Hi Afrin! The Serpentine Butterfly is still being penned. Celestra tends to run a bit long. I'm thinking the book will go into edits this summer and be available shortly thereafter. :)