Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Teasers

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease!!!
SOMEONE TO LOVE is still rocking the NYT Bestsellers list, three weeks in a row!
And sadly, the flu doesn’t care much about that because it’s come to visit, and it looks like it’s taking up residency in our household. It’s ironic that when you’re really not up to doing laundry, you find yourself running emergency loads at midnight.
Anyway! I got ETHEREAL KNIGHTS back from my editor! Yay!!! I’ve already fixed the suggestions, and now I have to do another final "once over" and then several slooow reads to make sure every word is in place. I really hope you’ll enjoy the Oliver boys as much as I did. Again, fair warning, they are racier than Skyla, but I think the book is such a nice supplement to ETHEREAL, that I’m thrilled I ventured into their incredibly racy minds.
I’m letting EVANESCENT cool until I put out EK, and in the meantime, I’m penning SOMEONE LIKE YOU and ELYSIAN~. (I edit in the morning and write at night. Somewhere in the middle is my so-called life.)  ;)
Off to the teasers!

ETHEREAL KNIGHTS (ETHEREAL rewritten from Logan and Gage’s perspective)
*Gage’s Point of View

“You think she’s Celestra, huh?” Just another thing pretty boy and Skyla have in common. My stomach turns at the thought.
“I know she is. You know what the best part is?”
“She can see what a douche you are, inside and out?” I tease.
Not really. It’ll probably only magnify the fact that deep down, Logan Oliver is one of the nicest guys Skyla could ever hope to know—and that’s just too bad for me.
“You’re funny.” He takes the turn outside the estates a little wide, and I hold onto the grab bar. “No, I just keep thinking about how intense it’ll be with her.” He says it quiet—serious, and it sends every nerve in my body on red alert. He’s going to do it. He’s going to make a move on the girl I’m supposed to be with. I don’t get it. If I’m feeling it—if the visions confirm everything I know is true—then why on earth is Skyla the last person to get with the program?
I glance back over at Logan and sink in my seat as a horrible realization sets in. Maybe, just maybe, Logan has been a part of the big picture all along.

EVANESCENT (The Countenance 2)

*Laken engages in a ritual called, the slaughter of plenty. (BTW, Laken is not a monster. These creatures were severely injured.)

The most humane way to kill a beast is by breaking its neck. I try to stand but my foot glides in a pool of blood.
Wes tries to help me up, but I push him off. Instead, my blade finds the long slick necks of each one of those creatures as I carry out a decapitating spree that goes on for what feels like hours.
“Shit, Laken!” Fletch pants in disbelief at the bloody carnage I’ve entrenched myself in. “What the hell?”
“They were suffering.” I glance up at the crowd with their hoods pulled back, their eyes locked in disbelief. I rise to my feet with the blade still secure in my hand—blood dripping to my ankles. I latch my gaze over to Wesley and try to steady my breathing. “I won’t let anything or anybody suffer.”
Especially not Celestra. Although, it’s not their heads I’m after.
It’s the Counts. 

ELYSIAN (Celestra book 8/ The final installment)
*(Skyla and Logan)

“Logan?” I can’t breathe. I can’t even hope to catch my breath.
I feel so powerless. The impotency of the entire universe is exemplified by what he’s just said.

I hope you enjoyed! I’ll edit the heck out of ETHEREAL KNIGHTS and hopefully have a publication date to give you by next Tuesday. 


Unknown said...
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kcasanova88 said...

Awesome teasers like always. I can't wait for Elysian to see how everything unfolds. EK will be great too I always wonder what was inside the Oliver boys mind. I am not reading anything right now that way I won't be in the middle of something when ur books come out. I am sorry to hear that ur family has the flu especially because I know how hard the tamiflu is to find. Hand in there u guys will be up and new in no time. ~Kathy~

redheads rule said...

YES!!!!!!! Thank you so much I have been checking every day! And sorry about the flu I had the Swine flu a couple years ago and it sucked. Hope you feel better! ~Katelyn~

Unknown said...

I am dying over here ! I cant wait til Elysian is out !

Elice Ivy said...

I can't wait for the final installment. I feel like I'm going thru withdrawals here.

Elice Ivy said...

I can't wait for the final installment. I feel like I'm going thru withdrawals here.

Unknown said...

EK!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! And at the risk of repeating myself.....YAY!!!!!! Super excited! I LURVE me some Gage! Now I get to know how he truly feels and what he is thinking. YES!!!!

MagentaCR said...

Can't believe EK is soo close already. Poor you with the flu, you put me to shame with your midnight laundry runs, my laundry basket is still recovering from when i had the flu a month ago

KSinger said...

I hope you feel better soon. I finally got around to reading Someone to Love. It was a really great read. I finished it in about 6 hours. I couldn't put it down. It was very hot. I can't wait to read more of your work.

Addison Moore said...

kcasanova88 - Kathy! You are so sweet to wait for one of my books! I hope you'll really enjoy EK, which is my next in line for publication. If not, I'll hurry with Evanescent, lol! Thank you to the moon and back for being such a sweet reader!

redheads rule - Thank you! And so far I've been spared! But that doesn't say much since I'm usually the last to get it. ;)

Cara LeBlanc - Ack! Honestly I should shake myself and get ElYSIAN out first because so many of you are wanting the conclusion. Sorry about that! I will try my hardest to get it to you soon! And I Soooo hope you'll love the ending.

Addison Moore said...

CouchThoughts - Yikes! Sorry! I think Skyla and the people of Paragon feel the same way. They're ready to share the rest of their story with you! And I am too. ;)

Tiffany Garris - lol! Yes, Gage has a lot to say and unlike in Ethereal, I gave him the last word in Ethereal Knights. I hope you'll have your fill of him. He was really fun to hang out with on my end.

MagentaCR - Oh no believe me my laundry room has a mountain building and I'm sure I'll never get to the end of it. And ironically the clothes I washed from the "emergency load" nobody wants back, lol!

KSinger - I'm so thrilled to hear you couldn't put it down!! That totally makes my day! I really did have fun with Kenny and Cruise. I'm so glad you enjoyed them as well. :)

Unknown said...

I just wanted to let you know that I love the book somebody to love. I also wanted to ask if you're continuing the book? I loved the character so much.I literally could not put the book down thank you so much for writing this book.

Unknown said...

I'm so stoked for EK!! (As well as the others) but it will be so amazeballs to sneak a ride in the Oliver's minds. I already know that 1st I'm going to read it and love it, then I'm going to reread it and ethereal at the same.. can't wait.. thanks again for the fantastic teasers!! I hope you and the the family feels better soon! Take care of yourself and fam! Much as I wish I had Ek downloaded and ready to go, id much rather wait a lil longer to make sure everyones better:)
Xoxo ~Jami

Addison Moore said...

Makayla Memmen - Hi Makayla! I'm so glad you liked it! Right now I'm experimenting with Ally and Morgan's story (That's her bff from Starbucks and Kendall's brother) After that I thought I'd write Molly's story and then write another book for Kendall and Cruise. At least in my fantasy world I'd love to get all that done, lol! I'm having so much fun with it!

Jami Freed - Yes! The Olivers are so fun to hang out with! I'll be editing and reading through the book for most of the day while those around me cough up a storm. ;) So glad it's ditched me for now!