Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cover reveal! A Sublime Casualty!

Here it is! My sekrit project finally unveiled!

Cover reveal for, A Sublime Casualty.

(click on the cover to add to Goodreads.)

Special thank you to my cover artist, the fab Sarah Hansen, for creating this beautiful work of art! 

A Sublime Casualty is a new adult romance that will be a part of a series (each book can be read as a standalone).  I'm hoping to release this in the fall of 2014 just after The Dragon and the Rose! 

Here is the (unofficial) jacket blurb:

A Sublime Casualty (NA romance) 
Addison Moore

Love denied only grows sweeter. Love restrained sets their hearts on fire.

(Charlotte) Charlie Neville is glad the nightmare of high school is behind her and looks forward to living it up in an off campus apartment with her two best friends while soaking in her first year at university. Charlie wants nothing more than to forget her coked-up ex-boyfriend, Luke, who notoriously cheated on her and almost cost her life.

Enter Theo—perfect, godlike, considerate—he's everything Luke never was except for one damning detail.

Once Charlie realizes who Theo is, she's hellbent on staying away from him.

On top of everything, Charlie discovers something that has her world crashing to a halt, and if she believed that she and Theo shouldn’t be together before, she’s convinced of it now. No matter how perfect they might be—no matter how well they seem to fit, Charlie tries to hide the growing list of reasons she and Theo should never be a couple.  

This isn't going to happen. Theo and Charlie can never be. 
Theo is determined to prove Charlie wrong before their love becomes A Sublime Casualty.

*Just a reminder BURNING THROUGH GRAVITY releases this Tuesday!!!!! I cannot wait for you to meet Stevie and Ford!!! XOXOXO 


James R. Nobohn said...

*gasp* you've been keeping secrets from your readers
but I'm not mad at that at all lol
can't wait to read it
...and BURNING THROUGH GRAVITY can't get here soon enough

you are so awesome, Addison :)

Addison Moore said...

Amber J. - Lots of secrets all the time! ;) I really can't wait for you to meet Stevie and Ford they are a blast to be around. I hope you'll enjoy them! XOXO