Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Tuesday tease!

Happy Tuesday to one and all!

I really hope you enjoyed the cover reveal of Beautiful Illusions. I feel like I've been sitting on this book for so long and I finally get to share it with you! Hopefully I'll announce a release date soon—for now you can add it to Goodreads if you like! Simply click on the cover.
The first full chapter of Beautiful Illusions can be found here, included in the Christmas Lites III anthology. All proceeds from Christmas Lites III go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. So if you'd like a sneak peek into the novel, you'll also be giving to a great cause!

Next Tuesday!!! Yes! Finally the release of Burning Through Gravity. I'm going to shout this from the rooftops, I'll be having *special introductory pricing* for the first day of sales (until I can get the price back up to 3.99 on all sights). I really want to reward my longtime and brand new readers with a sale upfront. So please, if you are at all considering purchasing Burning Through Gravity, be sure to get it at the discount price. I believe the pre-order is already up on iTunes.

More cover news! I'll be revealing a NEW cover and book (I'll surprise you with the title and blurb) on Friday! I hope you're having as much fun with all the cover reveals as I am.

Finally some news I've been waiting to share, we have winners for the 3 Kindle Paperwhites! Winners for the Kindle Paperwhites are Kristy P., Lisa M., and Tonya M. Congrats to all! Winners have been privately notified.  If I owe you anything at all (books, etc.) my mail is going out on Wednesday!

On to the teasers!

Burning Through Gravity  *New Adult Romance 17+
Stephanie (Stevie) and Ford’s story
(Stevie’s POV)

“Would you still love me if I hurt you, Ford?”
“You can never hurt me. There’s nothing you could do that I wouldn’t forgive. I’ve never believed in destiny or the illusions that go with it, but after tonight, after you, I know our lives were woven together long ago for a reason. We’re going to make it through this life together no matter what the future holds. Love always finds a way.”

Beautiful Illusions (Beautiful Oblivion #2) *New Adult Romance 17+

*Can be read as a standalone.
(Gavin’s POV)

“Tell me what has you running scared.”
She gives a quiet nod. “Tomorrow.” Her lips inch up to mine. “Tonight I don’t want to go there." She runs her nails down my back ever so gently. “I want to go here.” She pecks a kiss on my neck. “And here.” Her lips ride lower to my chest. “And please, God, right here.”
Needless to say, I approve of her travel plans. 

The Dragon and the Rose (Celestra Forever After #2) *New Adult Romance 17+

Skyla’s POV (Skyla and Chloe in the Transfer.)

“Did you just say you were going to snuff me out?” I balk at her ridiculous comment.
“Like a flame.” Chloe cinches a smile.
For all I’ve done for this bitch she should lick the soles of my feet after I run through a puddle of habanero sauce.
“But you’ve done something for me, Skyla”—her neck arches back as if it were sexual in nature—“you’ve gifted me something I could truly never repay you for.”
“Damn straight.” Now we’re talking. “Like your fake life.”
“Oh, no.” She shakes her head, her eyes fixed on mine. “Something far greater. I’ve seen a glimpse of the future. It’s…” she staggers forward like a drunkard. Her gaze lost on some unknowable horizon. “It’s…”
“It’s what Chloe?”
She spins into me with a fire that enlivens her, makes her glow from the inside out.
“It’s my true destiny.”
“Your head on a platter?”
“My head in a crown.”

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